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Our Exhibition-OFC 2017 USA
As a manufacturer handled in fiber optic cable over 10 years, we know that grasping industry dynamics and advice is important. Which is a big problem about the survival of the enterprise.So our company attended two industry exhibitions--Convergence India and OFC 2017 USA. In the Exhibition, we learn about the tendency of the field of fiber optic cable and know more new product details. Except that, we mastering a lot of customers information. Hoping we will doing business on the basis of mutual benefit in the near future.

Hunan Guanglian Photoeletricity Technologies Co., Ltd (GL Technology) is a leading fiber optic cable manufacturer in China. We always offering top grade quality items with wholesale price.We managed in all kinds of optic fiber cable and related cable fittings. If you are interested or in need of this item, pls contact us. We will serving you with heart and soul.

Picture of OFC 2017 USA:

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