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Is It Useful For A 20 Years Used Fiber Optic Cable?

According to a lot of research, Regarding direct buried fiber optic cable and duct one, in the typical Huazhong area meteorological and geographical environment conditions, having the following conclusions:
Fiber optic cable aging is mainly due to increased attenuation and part of the protective material failure.

Fiber optic cable aging is caused by the stress state and stress changes of the fiber, not due to hydrogen damage and microcracks caused by the fiber. Fiber optic cable aging is mainly caused by the manufacturing process, including fiber optic cable design, fiber optic cable composition materials, fiber optic cable technology.
Specifically, for the commonly used in the domestic layer of thin-type outdoor fiber optic cable, fiber coating, fiber paste, loose tube size is the direct cause of fiber optic aging.

The natural fiber breaking rate of the fiber is negligible, and its attenuation index will deteriorate with time. In the early stage of application, the aging trend of accelerating gradient is increased. After about 16 years, the decay value will maintain a stable state after aging. Fiber dispersion, PMD changes and the use of life is not necessarily linked, after years of use, still be able to carry part of the business.

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