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Submarine cable market usher in a new burst
6/13/2017, the current global Internet data volume was explosive growth trend, especially the rapid growth of cross-border traffic is expected in 2018, Internet data traffic will increase to 14GB per capita, this growth will undoubtedly bring capacity problems.

Newly built / upgraded undersea cable is the trend
    In the cross-border traffic, more than 97% of the global data traffic in 2016 is transmitted through the submarine cable system. Up to now, the world has built more than 230 submarine cable, in addition to more than 10 submarine cable is under construction. China's coastline total length of 32,000 km, the mainland coastline of 18,000 km, the island coastline of 14,000 km long, the construction of independent marine cable network will effectively reduce the user international roaming charges, can bring many benefits. From the market scale, the research agency analysis report shows that the submarine cable system only terminal equipment sales of nearly 600 million US dollars, submarine cable system market total sales of more than 10 billion US dollars.

In the recently held "China Oceanic Information Network Alliance Preparatory Conference and Summit Forum", China Mobile Communications Group Design Institute of high line of military poetry, from 1993, China's construction of the first international cross-border cable, so far has been 24 years time. Which in 1993 to 2001 for the construction of the peak period, after the construction slowdown, to 2008 after ushered in a new round of construction peak. At present, many international sea cable is about to enter the "retirement period." Coupled with recent years, earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters or inadvertently damaged sea operations, leading to international communications slowdown or even interruption, but also highlights the lack of international cable construction. At the same time, with the cable technology and systems are also maturing, the construction of the international submarine cable is entering the replacement period.

In recent years, China has put forward the "marine power" strategy, in the country "area along the way" strategy to accelerate and accelerate the improvement of domestic technology products in the context of submarine cable demand is expected to usher in explosive growth. With the marine communications in the defense, offshore oil, marine monitoring and other fields play an increasingly important role in strengthening key technology research and development, enhance the ability to support marine communications, communications industry as a strategic task. In this case, the new or upgrade submarine cable system will be the trend.

Construction of China's own submarine cable system is imminent
   According to the geographical situation, China has a total of three parts of the sea cable: Asia Pacific, the Pacific, Southeast Asia - the Middle East - Europe. China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute Wang Guangquan said that the global construction of the sea cable into the peak, while Asia, Africa and Oceania's international bandwidth compound annual growth rate of about 50%, greater than other regions.
International submarine cable is an important international infrastructure, the international submarine cable system in the global economic development status is more and more important. In China Telecom International Co., Ltd. Network Development and Product Development Department Chang Weiguo view, the international construction and maintenance of submarine cable system is very different. In the international submarine cable industry, technology, economy, business, supervision, stakeholder changes make the international cable industry to the 2.0 era, the need for continuous upgrading.
   Sea cable known as the field of optical transmission "pyramid of the spire." Sea cable is facing a variety of challenges: sea cable single connection manufacturing length is long; reliability requirements are high, the quality of risk; water density requirements, the need for more than 3000m depth of water pressure; terrain complex, climate change, , The factory joint production is difficult; power transmission, information transmission and system monitoring need multi-functional integration. The world recognized marine optical transmission products and systems is a high technical difficulty, the industrial field covers a wide range of large-scale systems engineering, and cable products and accessories, system design and equipment, marine construction 3, long-term foreign monopoly. Speed ​​up the technological research and development efforts to provide large-capacity ultra-long distance transmission cable to enhance the construction and maintenance capacity of the sea, a cable development of the top priority.

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