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Hunan Guanglian will debut in 2017 Shenzhen Optical Fair
In recent years, Hunan Photoelectricity Technology Co., Ltd. in the development of optical communications industry for all to see, the development so far in the industry has formed its own brand. But obviously, we are not satisfied, as a business, to meet is equal to the stop is the development of enterprise constraints. In order to better demonstrate the strength of enterprises, enterprise products, the company in the 2017 strategic layout with particular emphasis on the "show" the importance.

Summed up in May 2016 the United States Las Vegas exhibition, as well as February 2017 India New Delhi exhibition experience, 2017 September "the 19th Shenzhen Light Fair" will be Hunan Federation of light to start the domestic exhibition shot.

China International Optoelectronic Exposition was founded in 1999, has been successfully held 18 sessions, and developed into the world's largest, influential and authoritative photoelectric industry comprehensive exhibition. September 18, September 9 to September 9, the four-day Shenzhen Optical Fair attracted long-haul, special hair, prosperous, Yongding and other domestic giants, including from Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Sichuan, Anhui, Hunan and many other Business exhibitors, I believe that when the various companies will compete with the show.

Through this exhibition, Hunan Guanglian will be more understanding of the domestic market dynamics, as well as an important step in the brand effect, for the company to provide a basis for further development.

Any industry, in constant competition, only efforts to improve their own product technology and services, can be based, for the fiber optic cable industry is also true. Hunan light with the "intentions" principle, we have reason to believe that in the future fiber optic cable brand list, Hunan Optical Association has a place. Hope that the young partner of Hunan Union refueling struggle, wonderful debut "the 19th Shenzhen Light Fair."

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