12 core Branch Cable Fan-out Fiber Optic Pigtail for FC APC

We supply fiber optic pigtails, including the single mode and multimode types, These fiber pigtails are with premium
grade connectors and with typical 0.9mm outer diameter cables. Simplex  fiber pigtail and duplex fiber pigtails are
available, with different cable color, cable diameter and jacket types optional.

The most common is know as the fusion splice on pigtail, and the 12 fiber or 6 fiber multi color pigtail are easy to
install and provide a premium quality fiber optic connection.  We also offer Individual single pigtails, Discounted 6
packs, or 12 Packs.  Also are 12 fiber or 6 fiber jacketed pigtails .

All fiber optic pigtails can be made to any length to fit your project. 

The fiber optic pigtail connectors are compliant to IEC, TIA/EIA, NTT and JIS specifications. It is with one piece
construction and pulls proof design. Low cost but high performance, which makes it one of the most popular cables.
We supply the single mode 9/125, multimode 50/125 , multimode 10Gb 50/125 and multimode 62.5/125 types fiber
optic pigtail cables. They are with various PC, UPC, and APC connectors respectively. Our  fiber pigtails are available
in simplex or duplex versions, with custom design available.

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