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LC to SC Fiber Patch Cord Solution
Guanglian's lc-sc fiber patch cord are made and customized to order all over the world and are fully tested to guarantee top performance.

LC-SC fiber cords including single mode and multimode types, in simplex and duplex versions. Cables jacket can be Riser rated or Plenum rated, with LSZH cable and PVC options, and are all RoHS compliant cables.

LC part of the fiber optic cable is the compact small form factor LC fiber optic connector. It feature the RJ-45 style interface with low insertion loss and low back reflection, it is with high precision alignment and is widely used all over the world. We supply both simplex LC cable and duplex LC cable. The connector is with a 1.25mm O.D zirconia ceramic ferrule;LC fiber cable can be 9/125 single mode or 50/125 multimode or 62.5/125 multimode, PC, UPC or APC end face. It is compliant to Telcordia, EIA/TIA and IEC standards.

SC part of the fiber optic cable is the snap-in SC fiber optic connector. SC connector features with low price, involve loss small ripple, high compressive strength and high density installation. It is with a 2.5mm ferrule that is widely used for its excellent performance. The end face of the pin is used more PC or APC model grinding method, fastening way is to use the plug pin bolt type, do not need to rotate.

Options about Our LC-SC Fiber Patch Cords

Fiber Count: Simplex, Duplex, Multi FiberJacket Type: Riser, PVC, Plenum rated, LSZHCable Length: CustomizedJacket Color: CustomizedFiber Type: 9/125µm Single Mode, 50/125µm Multimode, 62.5/125µm MultimodeCable Diameter: 0.9 mm, 1.8 mm, 2.0 mm, 3.0mmPolish Type: PC, UPC, APC

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