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Fiber chromatography
The color of each fiber in the cable bushing and the color of the cable jacket are color-separated by chromatography. An important function is to help the user to
easily and accurately identify the types of cables used in the fiber cabling system. Therefore, a comprehensive understanding of fiber chromatographic alignment and
cable-jacketed chromatographic alignment is one of the necessary skills for cable

For indoor fiber optic cable and outdoor cable, the provisions of the fiber and the provisions of the jacket are not the same. Indoor fiber optic cable not only made
the relevant provisions of the optical fiber chromatography, while the color of the
outer cable jacket also made to distinguish between different types of fiber optic

For outdoor cables, not only for fiber chromatography and the cable layout of the
cable are clearly defined, but for the outdoor cable outer jacket color is not clear, because the outdoor cable are generally used black jacket to protect the cable
from the sun And damage caused by ultraviolet radiation.

Indoor cable outer jacket color distinction According to the provisions of
YD / T1258 indoor cable jacket made a different color, in order to distinguish
between different applications of fiber optic cable. Usually different types, different applications of the cablewill have different colors of the jacket, the following table is a common cable jacket color:

Fiber Type Color of Out Jacket
Single Mode Yellow
OM1 Double Mode Orange
OM2 Double Mode Orange
OM3 Double Mode Green
OM4 Double Mode Green

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