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The Way Of Selection Fiber Optic Cable
Fiber Optic Cable is media used to transfer information now. In the process of selecting the cable, the corresponding cable equipment must be selected according to the corresponding environment. Will introducing some ways of choosing suitable FOC as follows:

1. Outdoor cable with buried, should use armored cable. While using for overhead, you can choose with two or more ribs of the black plastic outer sheath of the cable.
2. The fiber used in the building should pay attention to its flame retardant, toxic and smoke characteristics. Generally in the pipeline or forced ventilation can choose flame retardant but the type of smoke, exposure to the environment should be selected flame retardant, non-toxic and smoke-free type.

3. Building vertical cable, the optional layer of cable-type cable; horizontal cabling, the optional branch cable.
4. Transmission distance within 2km, you can choose multi-mode cable, more than 2km available relay or use single-mode cable.

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