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Analysis of communication projects commonly used in cable ty
There are many types of cable, and we talk about communication projects commonly used in several fiber optic cable, power cable, mine cable, ordinary overhead cable, buried cable, etc., these are commonly used in communication engineering, but also what we often see in our daily lives.
   Power cable is currently used more ADSS cable and OPGW cable, OPPC cable and OPLC cable as a new cable, it takes time to open the market. ADSS cable is now in some of the power line transformation project in the use of more, the biggest advantage is that can not power construction, ADSS cable, also known as full-media self-supporting cable, are non-metallic; OPGW cable in the new line of the use of more common OPPC fiber optic cable in recent years, the use of more slowly, but for OPPC cable connector box is easy to burn bad (lightning, strong pressure corrosion, etc.) the problem also needs time to solve, OPLC cable also known as photoelectric Composite cable, is a new product, need more time to spread the market, so that customers choose.
   Mine cable, literally understand, in fact, is used in the mine inside the cable, the current use of the most MGTSV cable and GYFTZY cable, the general customer to consult our mining cable, we will recommend customers to use MGTSV this cable, But some customers still think that this cable expensive, and secondly we will recommend GYFTZY cable. From a professional point of view, MGTSV cable performance is better than GYFTZY cable, which is our first choice to recommend to the customer reasons.
   Buried cable is also called buried cable, commonly used model is GYTA53 cable and GYTY53 cable, double armored double jacket, can be buried directly with the underground cable, communication engineering units generally like to use a, and ordinary fiber optic cable phase Than do not need casing can be buried directly underground, the construction is simple and quick, late maintenance is relatively simple.
   Common fiber optic cable commonly used models are GYTA cable, GYTS cable, GYXTW cable, and GYFTY cable, this type of cable, now the market is more circulation, the price is relatively transparent.

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