Fiber Optical Distribution Frame (ODF)


  1. Telecommunications subscriber loop;

  2. Fiber to the home (FTTH);

  3. LAN/WAN;

  4. CATV.


Easy Installa;High reliabil;FC/SC/ST/L;Anti-Rust p;Rugged Cas;Sliding Rail;For 19 in.


  1. Applied to various of optical fiber distribution frames, distribution cabinets and optical cable cross-connection cabinets.

  2. With splice trays in the box and integrate heat sealing and wiring into one.

  3. Applydouble-sided structured optical fiber splice trayto make full use of the two sides of the board.

  4. It’s suitable for ribbon or non-ribbon optical fiber cable.

  5. Every tray can be clamped with 12FC/SC/ST adaptors.

  6. Install adaptors on the face side of optical fiber splice tray in a bayonet way at an oblique angle of 30 degrees to ensure curve radius of optical fiber and prevent eyes from being damaged by laser light at the same time.


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