GYTC8S Outdoor Figure 8 Fibe Optic Cable


Fiber Type: G652D; G655C; 657A1; 50/125; 62.5/125; OM3; OM4 As Options


Easy aerial installation,because of fig8 self supporting design,with simple and easy installation tools & accessories.


Main Features:
1. Cable section is “8”,with 7*1.2mm steel wires;
2. PSP corrugated steel tape;
3. Steel wire strength member;
4. PBT loose tube,each tube max 12 fibers.


1. Self supporting,easy installation,save construction and labor cost;
2. Waterproof tape,gel compound,the fiber section all waterproof;
3. Steel tape armored with good crush resistance performance,also anti-rodent;
4. We can OEM produced double armored double jacket,single armored double jacket GYTC8S as customer requirements.


Storage/Operating Temperature: -40°C to + 70°C


Standard: YD/Y 1155-2001 as well as IEC 60794-1

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