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GYTC8S Outdoor Figure 8 Fibe Optic Cable

Features(Armored Fiber Optic Cable):

  1. Up to 288 Fiber Optic.

  2. Cable section is “8”,with 7*1.2mm steel wires;

  3. PSP corrugated steel tape;

  4.  Steel wire strength member;

  5. PBT loose tube,each tube max 12 fibers.

  6.The loose tube stranding technology make the fibers have good secondary excess lenth and allow the fibers free movement in         the tube. Which keeps the fiber stress-free while the cables is subjected to longitudinal stress.

  7. Corrugated steel lape armored and PE outer sheath providing properity crush resistance and gun shot resistance features.

  8. Stranded wires as sell supportiong member providing excellent strain performance and convenlent installation.

General Specifications

Cable TypeGYTC8S
Fiber TypeSM , OM1, OM3
ApplicationLong-distance communication, LAN
Recommended installation methodsAerial
Temperature Range-40ºC to 70ºC


Fiber Type: G652D; G655C; 657A1; 50/125; 62.5/125; OM3; OM4 As Options


Easy aerial installation,because of fig8 self supporting design,with simple and easy installation tools & accessories.

1. Self supporting,easy installation,save construction and labor cost;
2. Waterproof tape,gel compound,the fiber section all waterproof;
3. Steel tape armored with good crush resistance performance,also anti-rodent;
4. We can OEM produced double armored double jacket,single armored double jacket GYTC8S as customer requirements.


Standard: YD/Y 1155-2001 as well as IEC 60794-1


        · High tensile strength of stranded wires meet the requirement of self-supporting and reduce the

          installation cost

        · Good mechanical and temperature performance

        · High strength loose tube that is hydrolysis resistant

        · Special tube filling compound ensure a critical protection of fiber

        · PSP enhancing moisture-proof

        · Small diameter, light weight and friendly installation

        · Long delivery length and low price.

Cable Design

Model NoGYTC8S
1. Fiber count (CORE)48
2. Cable Diameter
- Cable outer diameter10.0±0.2mm
- Cable height18.0±0.2mm
3. Cable Weight150KG
4. Central Strength member
-MaterialSteel wire
5. Loose Tube
-Outer diameter1.6-2.0 mm
-Type of filling compoundJelly
6. Filler
-Outer diameter1.6-2.0 mm
-MaterialCorrugated steel tape
8. Messenger wire
-MaterialSteel wire
9. Tube Assembly
-Tube Layout1+5
-Stranding typeSZ
10. Water-blocking system
-MaterialFilling Compound
11. Core wrap
-MaterialPolyester tape
12.Outer Sheath
13. Sheath marking
-Type of markingLaser printing

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