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144 or 288 Core Mini Air Blown Micro Fiber Optic Cable


Air blown cable 144 core consists of :

1.Optical Fiber

2.Filling Gel

3.Loose tube

4.FRP strength member


6.Water Blocking Yarn

7.HDPE Sheath


Standards and Certificate:

Fiber optical cable complies with Standard YD/T 769-2003, IEC60794-1

Certificate: CE ROHS ISO9001


· Good mechanical and temperature performance

· High strength loose tube that is hydrolysis resistant

· Special tube filling compound ensure a critical protection of fiber

· Crush resistance and flexibility

Optical Characteristics: 

Cable TypeLayer Cable
Fiber Count243648607296144(A)144(B)
Number of loose tube234568126
Number of filled string43210000
Number of fiber/tube1224
Water blocking methodFRP or PE LiningWater Blocking yarn
Cable CoreWater Blocking Kevlar
Thickness of HDPE sheathNominal:0.45mm,   Average:0.40mm,  Minimum:0.35mm
Overall Diameter5.6±0.1mm6.4±0.1mm8.2±0.1mm8.0±0.1mm
Weight27 kg/km40 kg/km65 kg/km55 kg/km
Max.Tensile Strength500N1000N1200N1000N
Max.Crushing Resistance8000N/100mm 
Min. Bending radius-Static12 outer Φ 
Min. Bending radius-Dynamic20 outer Φ
Cable Fiber Attenuation(G.652D)0.35dB/km max @ 1310nm    0.22dB/km max@1550nm
Temperature rangeStorage -40~+70ºC;    Installation -10~+40ºC; Operation  -40~+70ºC 

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