Uni-tube Air-blown Micro Cable



• Small size and light weight
• Tube filling compound providing key protection for fibres
• Unique design of sheath with grooves ensuring good air blowing performance 
• Allowing to blow by phases to reduce initial investment
• High blowing speed up to 50m/min, and long blowing distance up to 1000m
• Allowing to blow out and replace with new cables to keep technical superiority 
• Allowing to cut micro ducts anywhere anytime for branch without influences on other cables, saving manholes, hand holes and cable joints


Environmental Characteristics

• Transport/storage temperature: -20℃ to +70℃


• The cable can be used as the drop cable of distribution segments in FTTH networks and can be laid by air blowing to connect the branch point with the access point for subscribers. The cable is also applicable in backbone networks , metropolitan area networks and access networks

Delivery Length

• Standard length: 2,000m; other lengths are also available


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