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GYTS Stranded Loose Tube Cable with Steel Tape


Fiber Type:  G652D; G655C; 657A1; 50/125; 62.5/125; OM3; OM4 As Options


Application: Aerial/Duct/Outdoor


Features GYTS optical cable

1.Up to 144 fiber cores.
2.The loose tube stranding technology make the fibers have good secondary excess length and allow
3.The fibers free movement in the tube, which keeps the fiber stress-free while the cable is subjected to longitudinal stress.
4.Corrugated steel tape armored and PE outer sheath providing property crush resistance and gun shot resistance features.
5.Metal strength member provides excellent strain performance.
6.Low dispersion and attenuation
7.Proper design, precise control for fiber excess length and distinct stranding process render the cable excellent mechanical and environmental properties
8.The armoring of corrugated steel tape make cable have nice properties of moisture resistance and crush resistance
9.With small cable diameter, light cable weight, easily to lay
10.The jacket also can be made of HFFR, which cable model is GYTZS
11.Operating Temperature : -40 ~ +60 C


Temperature Rage:

Operating :-40℃ to +70℃
Storage :-40℃ to +70℃


Comply with standard YD/T 901-2009 as well as IEC 60794-1 

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