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ADSS Cable Fittings

Product quality in the cable fitting industry varies, here are some tips on ADSS cable fittings from GL Technology vs. other manufacturers to know what to choose when buying.


1. Immobility Clamp


The quality of the clip varies depending on the thickness of the flat steel (the base material of the clip) and the thickness of the zinc coating. The flat bar we use is 4*40 or 5*50 according to customer requirements. Our galvanized layer thickness is about 100um, which is better than the standard requirement (85um). The thickness of the zinc coating affects the RTS value, stability and corrosion resistance. A thin, uneven coating can cause rust. Some manufacturers may use thin flat steel and a thin galvanized coating to keep costs down.


2. Suspension Clamp


The quality of the suspension clamps varies depending on the aluminum used. The housing of the suspension clip is aluminum, and aluminum is available in different grades. The aluminum we use is of the highest quality, and the suspension clips we offer meet industry standards.


3. Tension clamp


The connecting part of the cable clamp can be divided into precision casting and ductile iron casting according to the process. We use delicate castings, so the joints are smooth and burr-free. Using ductile iron castings will have burrs. The difference is shown in the figure below.


Pre-formed armored rods can be divided into two types: hot-dip galvanized and aluminum-clad steel wires. We use aluminum clad steel wire, which has better tensile and anti-corrosion properties than hot-dip galvanized steel wire.


4. Lead Down Clamp


The quality of the tower down-conductor clip varies with the thickness of the galvanized layer. Our galvanized layer thickness is about 100um, which is better than the standard requirement (85um). As for the pole down lead clips, we use high-quality stainless steel 304.


5. Fiber Optic Splice Closure


The quality of fiber optic splice closures varies with the quality of the S-connectors, steel straps, caps, and splice trays. Some manufacturers use the hose clamp steel belt instead of the steel belt. Over time, the place near the hole on the hose clamp steel belt is easy to break. Some use splice trays made from recycled materials. It is fragile and breaks easily. There are also some that use light and small (non-standard) S-connectors.


6. Cable Storage Rack


The quality of the cable storage rack varies according to the thickness of the flat steel, the thickness of the galvanized layer, and the material of the steel strip. The flat bar we use is 5*50. The thickness of our galvanized layer is about 100um, the steel belt we use is not hose clamp steel belt.


6. Spiral Vibration Damper


The quality of spiral vibration damper varies from the PVC raw material. The raw material we use is new, but some other manufacturers may use recycle PVC material.

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