Tactical Fiber Optic Cable with Helical Armored

The Simplex fiber optic cable uses single 900µm tight buffered Tube structure as fiber optic transmission medium, covered with aramid yarn as strength member, then extruded with thermoplastic polyurethane sheath.


1,Military communication system;


2,Coal,oil,natural gas,geological exploration;


3,Broadcast television, temporary communication.


The Polyurethane jacket with a Excellent performance of anti-torsion and anti wear. It can be used and rolled up then used again elsewhere. Even with the rugged environments.


GL Tactical fiber optic cable tight buffered tube cable is used for outdoor video, traffic control etc telecommunication. Also application for the military mobile


Outer Jacket: TPU Jacket


Strength Member: Kevlar and Helical Metal Tube

Temperature Range

Operating:-20℃ to 60℃


Storage:-20℃ to 60℃



Flexibility,easy to storage and operation;


Stainless steel armored protection for fiber;


Polyurethane sheath provide Wear-resistant, oil resistant, low-temperature flexibility;


Aramid yarn strength with stable tension;


High tensile and high pressure to prevent rat bite, cutting, bending;


Cable soft, good toughness, installation, maintenance convenient.,



Comply with standard YD/T1258.2-2003 and IEC 60794-2-10/11

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