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a good quotation should have chance to bargain with customer
It is common to receive nothing after sending quotations. Maybe customers think no possibilities to cooperate
for the high prices; or think that we are not professional for too low the prices. All thoughts base on having read
our quotations. Sometimes, we are lost because you fail to catch the latest market information. But sometimes
we are lost from the beginning. Why? The reason is that our quotations are not attractive enough so that lose the
opportunity to compete with others. Customers don't desire for reading or just skimming. Thus, a good quotation
is a must for having chance to bargain with customers. 

1.Clearness and Conciseness 
Everyday, buyers have to read over one hundred quotations so hardly one quotation cost long time. Hence, clear
and concise our quotations should be and the combination of words and pictures and tables is the best. 

Certainly, different colors can be use to highlight key information. But, too colorful makes a feeling of unprofessional
and dazzling. So we'd better just highlight the key points. 

2.Clear Detailed Drawings of Products 
Make detailed drawing clearly, otherwise it would look like pirate product. We can shrink the high-resolution pictures
into the appropriate format to put in quotations, and then paste into quotations with Q*Q screenshot.In this way, there
will be less size of files but not less clear. 

3.Outstanding Company Logo 
Do not forget to add your contact information as well as an important part-logo. Logo is the mark of our company and
the symbol of image in our company. Meanwhile, the logo makes our quotations more professional. 

4.Brief Introduction of Your Company 
Besides the production prices and quality advantages, we needto introduce your company properly on quotations.
Showing our company's strength advantage is helpful for customers to know our products and company, and then
have more confidence on us. 

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