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The secret to better communication with your customer
How to communicate with your customer ? It is very important in our daily job.

What is the secret to better communication with your customer ?
In the same way that people know when other people are full of it, people know when companies are full of it, too.
So let your beautifully awkward, creative, complicated self--and company--shine. Here are three ways how:

1. Walk Your Talk

Your customers want to know that you're in the trenches with them--that whatever needs your products fulfill are
needs that the people running your company intimately understand.

2. Use Your Voice

As a writer, I can attest to how hard it is to get your speaking and thinking brain to sound like your written words,but
it's incredibly important to infuse a consistent voice in everything you do.

If you're a large company, you'll want to figure out what your collective brand voice sounds like. What you don't want?
To be a group of enthusiastic, sarcastic, deeply creative people building a company with a website that reads like the
obituary section of the 
New York Times. Or, worse, a group of enthusiastic, sarcastic, deeply creative people with a
website that sounds like a different one of you every day. If your clients can't paint a picture of who you are--as an
entrepreneur or a company--they're never going to be able to connect with you emotionally.

If you're  having trouble finding your voice ,listen to it--literally. Download an app like i Talk on your phone and talk out
whatever it is you're trying to write. It's awkward in the beginning, but after a few gos, you'll find the words, cadence, and
personality that will help your clients make the emotional connection you're looking for.

3. Share Your Creepy Bits

We humans can't relate to perfection--we may strive for it, but it's not something that connects us. So while you want 
to set a high bar for yourself and the things you deliver (e.g., your documents are spell-checked, you meet deadlines, 
and, in general, you provide the level of service they're expecting), you don't want to come off as distant and
unapproachable by only sharing your "look how awesome we are" stories.

Here's what people most relate and connect to : struggle. So when that comes up in your company--like you blew a recent
big speaking gig or your product failed to work at a pitch meeting--share that story, too. Brands tend to keep their creepy
bits hidden because it can feel like those weaknesses will make them seem less legit, but sharing the hard times and how
you overcame them is actually what will help your clients get to know you, connect with you, and ultimately, cheer you on.

Remember--yes, your clients are buying a design service or a kayak or a music lesson. But they're also buying the
feeling they hope to experience once they have it. I think the most powerful story a brand can tell their clients is this:
"We'vebeen where you are. It's hard (or painful, or messy, or frustrating), but we have a solution! And you're going to
be just fine."

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