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How to improving our email writing ?
In practice, more different situation should be dealt with urgently in emails to communicate and work out with 
customers.Hence, improving our email writing is necessary. 

First of all, before writing ,we have to stand in the proper position as a salesman, don’t be over-modest which will lose our
due profession and position. We have to be confident in our selling and our products. Only when we are professional can
customers know our profession and trust us, which is the charm of sales. 

Hence, you should pay attention to your tone in emails. Certainly, not being over-modest isn’t equivalent to be high
-profile, but distinguish the situation. If we are about to ask for their opinion, waiting for their reply or decision, proper
manners should be adopted.

But being asked some unreasonable requirements which you cannot meet them, you should express with firm tone to
show our position. You’d better use more declarative sentences instead of inquiring to inform customers.

In the face of such an unreasonable request, you need to use certain words, to express the information: you have to do
so, and it is non-negotiable. Clearly show your position, so that customers know your bottom line and the reason why you
do so, to let them consider and have choice on the basis, rather than "softly" tell customers to make them think there is
room for discussion. Both parties keep tangling with that. 

For foreign traders, as you communicate with customers almost with emails, customers’ impression of you is the 
expression of the emails you write. Thus, each email should be concerned because it is the first thing that we can be 
considered by customers. As long as you express your due attitude and position, customers can trust you and place
orders to you.

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