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The latest development of Saudi Arabia photovoltaic power
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      Saudi Arabia photovoltaic power station project for international bidding for the first time
Recently the Saudi electricity company (SEC) issued a tender announcement, seeking international developers to build
two solar power plants. The proposed bidding of power plant located in Saudi Arabia north of agri Zhu Fu and Ralph,
installed capacity of 50 mw project. The tendering and bidding deadline is on June 20th, is the first time Saudi
construction operation of renewable energy facilities seek international partners.

Recently, Saudi Arabia is put forward in the "2030 vision", by 2030, to 9500 mw of renewable energy power generation.
Released shortly after the state transition program (NTP), and clearly put forward, by 2020, renewable energy power
generation than to rise to 4%.

The personage inside course of study says, Saudi Arabia to the solar industry in the next few years to invest 40 million
reais ($106.7 billion), in order to meet the growing demand for electricity.

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