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Why outdoor cable is cheaper than indoor cable
Why outdoor cable cheaper than indoor cable? That is because indoor and outdoor optical cable optical cable used
to reinforce the material is not the same, and outdoor cable generally used is cheaper than that of single-mode fiber,
and indoor optical cable is more expensive multimode fiber, led to the outdoor cable than indoor cable cheap.

The outdoor and indoor optical cable for the following:
Indoor cable need to have a certain degree of flexibility, both to even soft tensile, so the materials are not the same
indoor cable used to reinforce the is aramid (Kevlar), now nearly 50 million yuan a ton and each fiber package layer
0.9 sheath; outdoor cable used to reinforce the is steel wire, steel strip, fiber is bare fiber coloring, so the cost
difference is very big.

in addition:
Outdoor optical cables are generally used in single mode optical fibers
Indoor optical fiber cable is a multimode fiber
And the price is also more expensive than single mode
These have led to the material cost of indoor optical cable is relatively high, but also why the outdoor cable cheaper
than indoor optical fiber cable.
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