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China and Arab Joined Silk Road project

China Telecom and partners in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan completed the signing of the Silk Road Optical Cable Cooperation Agreement and substantively launched the Silk Road Cable Project. China Telecom is furthering its cooperation with regional partners in the field of communications and information in order to implement the country's "Belt and Road Initiative".

On September 25, 2017, China Telecom and Afghanistan Telecom signed the Silk Road Optical Cable Cooperation Agreement and China Telecom's Afghanistan Telecom Strategic Cooperation Agreement at the Afghan Embassy in China. Recently, China Telecom signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Kyrgyzstan, Tajik Telecom Operators Exchange of relevant supplementary texts. Mr. Xiao Wei, Deputy General Manager of International Department of China Telecom Group, Mr. Jia Nanlu Mozhay, Ambassador of Afghanistan to China, authorized by Afghan Telecom, signed the above agreement on behalf of both sides.

Under the "China Telecom Telecom Afghanistan Strategic Cooperation Agreement," both parties will launch a feasibility study on the bilateral cross-border land optical cable via the Wakhan Corridor and explore possible cooperation in the fields of communications and information services, value-added services, cloud computing and vertical applications Sex. The Wakhan Corridor is about 400 kilometers long. The Chinese side is about 100 kilometers long. The side of the Albania is about 300 kilometers. With an average altitude of over 4,000 meters, the natural conditions are harsh. It is very difficult to construct and maintain the optical cable. Both China and Albania will plan concrete construction and construction plans for the future Wakhan corridor cross-border optical fiber cable based on the technical survey of the area and with the experience of China Telecom in building and maintaining optical fiber cables in high-altitude and cold regions.
The signing of the two cooperation agreements marks a good start for the cooperation between China and Afghanistan in the field of communications and informatization. It also marks another key step forward for the "Silk Road Cable Project" advocated by China Telecom.

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