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The global fiber market will increase about 11.45% in 2017 t
Analysts and market analysts predict that the global fiber market will grow at a composite annual increase of 11.45% in 2017-2021 years.
A major trend in market is emerging cloud computing. Cloud is a virtual remote data center. Without any infrastructure cost, it can store, manage and retrieve data or resources. Cloud can be divided into three categories: public, private and mixed.
Market is a major driving force to enhance the growth of the network bandwidth demand. The growth of Internet bandwidth is affected by many factors, such as the increase of disruptive technology, which helps to change bandwidth usage according to the use of network and mobile computing devices. The main driving force of the smart phone industry is the next generation of wireless network deployment, such as 3G, 4G and 5G, because these technologies provide the same family broadband connection wireless connections, and the popularity of smart phones has increased the network traffic and also promoted the development of the market.
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