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The steps laid of direct buried optical cable

1. Retest

(1) check the route direction, laying mode and joint position of optical cable routing.

(2) retest the route ground distance to provide the necessary information for the distribution, distribution and laying of the optical fiber cable.

2. optical cable

To keep the cable as far as possible in the person of the communication pipe (hand) Konne, the base station is reserved for 15 meters long and the redundant length is 15 per thousand. Reserved, the length of the joint is reserved at 10 meters / side. For the convenience of maintenance, when the cable is placed, the joint well should be 1#, and the order of Anshun is analogous to 5, 10, 15... 5 of the multiple hand holes should be reserved by 20m.

3. optical fiber cable inspection

(1) before laid of the fiber cable , the construction company should check the specifications and procedures of the fiber optic cable and equipment that are transported to the site, and check the appearance. If abnormal detection is found, the key should be checked. Optical properties and electrical characteristics should also be tested for optical fiber cable and connector.

(2) the specification, program and manufacturing length of the single disk optical cable shall conform to the requirements stipulated in the order contract.

(3) when the opening of the optical fiber cable is tested, the end of the optical cable should be checked and marked on the cable plate. The other identification methods of the optical fiber cable end should be in accordance with the following provisions: in the face of the optical fiber cable section, the coloured fiber is arranged at the A end by / clockwise, and the other is the B end.

(4) the optical fiber attenuation constant and fiber length are tested in the field of optical fiber cable.

(5) after the inspection of the single disk optical cable, the end seal package and the optical cable package should be restored.

(6) fiber optic connector should have good repeatability and interchangeability.  The tail length should comply with the design requirements, the skin without damage. The parameters of fiber should conform to the provisions of the contract. The loss of the connector shall be in accordance with the stipulations of the contract.

4. optical cable laying

(1) the new pipe cable adopts hard plastic tube to facilitate cable protection, wearing plastic pipe as the principle of a deployment of the length.

(2) the bending radius of the optical fiber cable should not be less than 10 times the outer diameter of the optical cable, and the construction process is not less than 20 times.

(3) the pulling force of the optical cable should not exceed 80% of the allowable tension of the optical cable. The maximum instantaneous traction force should not exceed 100% of the allowable tension of the optical cable. The traction force should be added to the strengthening part of the optical cable. Cable laying process should not occur any torsion, small circle, surge phenomenon.

(4) the fiber optic cable must be closely organized and have a special command, and good contact means should be used in the process of traction. If the fiber cable is finished, it should be checked whether the fiber is good. The end of the fiber optic cable should be sealed and moisture-proof treatment, not soaking.

(5) when the cable is penetrated into the pipeline or the pipeline is bent or crossed, the guiding device or horn protection tube shall be adopted, and the outer sheath of optical cable can not be damaged. The length of a cable should not be more than 1000 meters. The infinity word segment should be used for long time.

(6) the optical cable is placed on the specified bracket, and the appropriate allowance should be left to avoid the tension of the fiber cable too tight. The cable in the hole of the joint of the joint should be kept in accordance with the design requirements. The reserved cable should be properly placed according to the specified position.

(7) the reserved reserved in the overhead cable joint rod, both sides of the pole to make appropriate reservation, reservation length 15--20m; river aerial cables, river width is greater than 30m the river on both sides of the remaining 15 20m overhead, each segment of 10 rod gear cable remaining 15-20m. The adjacent rod cable across the river to the river and the remaining pole first on the joint should be in the remaining rod joints, each joint point of the remaining 10m.

5. optical cable protection

(1) the optical cable in the human (hand) hole is protected by a snake type hose (or a plastic hose) and is tied to the cable bracket.

(2) the selected pipe holes must be clean and clean.

6. station optical cable

(1) the optical cable in the station should be marked for identification. The optical cable should choose the safe position in the station. When it is in the position of easy to be damaged, the protection measures should be adopted.

(2) the optical fiber cable is routed through the line frame and should be lashed when the corner is turned. The binding part or climbing on the aisle, the pad to hose, to avoid cable damage.

(3) after the end of the optical cable in the station, it must be attached to the front panel of the ODF box.

The connection and installation of 7. optical cables

(1) optical cable connection includes optical cable connection, connection between sheath and force port core, measurement of joint loss, package of junction box and installation of joint protection.

(2) cable continued to check cable programs and joint position and according to the requirements of reserved length of joint for cable.

(3) the optical fiber is checked and numbered as a permanent sign according to the end of the optical fiber cable.

(4) the optical fiber connection environment must be clean and clean. It should be operated in the environment of the working car or with the cover, and the open-air operation is strictly prohibited.

(5) the continuous operation of the fiber optic continuity should be carried out to ensure the continuity of the quality. Measures should not be taken to allow the fiber optic cable to be dampened

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