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Market research predicts the global FTTH market is up to $37
The global FTTH market is $9500 million in 2017 and the market will grow to $37 billion in 2027. This is a conclusion from latest report "FTTH 2012-2016 Market: global market analysis and 2017-2027 Market Opportunity Assessment" which made by a comprehensive market research company in the UK named(Future Market Insights hereinafter referred to as FMI).
FMI pointed out that the driving factors behind the growth of FTTH mainly include: the development of intelligent Home Furnishing, public recognition rising, the increase of FTTH Optical connections under environmental impact, carbon emissions reduce by fiber connection, government-driving and family entertainment & schools & hospitals & government buildings FTTH requirements. There's high speed Internet demand, requirements to improve the Internet architecture and fiber optic cabling, new building new requirements and remote work demand. While, the main factors that affect the deployment are FTTH initial construction cost, environmental reliability, price shock of alternative technologies and strict regulatory policies.

In this report, FMI adopts the weighted market separation method to examine every aspect of FTTH market and analyzes it from the aspects of network speed, region and application. From the net speed, 100Mbps to 1Gbps is still expected to dominate the market and the total market is expected to reach $11667 million in 2027. 50Mbps-100Mbps is the second largest market, but it grows fast. According to geographical distribution, Asia Pacific market is expected to grow fastest except Japan. By 2027, the FTTH market in this region will reach 10 billion US dollars. Internet television is expected to grow by 14.2% annually in applications, reaching a $7 billion market from today's $1900 million in 2027. According to the market value, VOIP will be the first big market in 2017, about $2 billion, in 2027 will reach $6900 million, becoming the second largest market. On the other hand, distance education and online games will be the fastest growing FTTH application in the next ten years. By 2027, the FTTH $40 billion dollar market for distance education, online games of $5 billion.

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