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Relay Cable Communication System Solution
The relay cable communication system refers to the sea-optic cable containing the conductor fed to the repeater and the system with the active relay amplifier under the water, this kind of relay cable transmission system is suitable for the ultra long distance transmission, the end-to-end transmission distance of the system can exceed 10000km.
In the Internet age, the cable replaces the satellite as the preferred mode of transmission.2015, more than 97% of the world's data traffic go through the undersea optical cable transmission, support for ultra-high capacity, ultra-high-speed enhanced shore-base transmission 100g/400g OTN optical transmission products become a trend. Fonts series of Slte products support 48/96 wave Smooth upgrade, the maximum single rate is 100gb/s, the maximum transmission capacity is 9.6tb/s, optical layer provides optical channel, retrocession segment, Ray Road $number and 1:1 Telecom level complete protection, Provide a rich OTN cost and flexible monitoring methods, with OTN, MSTP, PTN multiple functions and promote network flattening, support 1588v2 Clock protocol, OTN+PTN Hybrid network provides time synchronization, but also for underwater external observation equipment to provide clock source signal.Support point-to-point, chain-shaped, star-shaped, ring, ring-chain and mesh network.
In long-distance transmission, the optical signal decays, so in the long submarine transmission network of the trunk cable, it needs to be equipped with repeater, and the spacing of two active repeaters is 70~120km.The life of FiberHome Marine repeater fh-rpt-02 Equipment is 25, the maximum applicable depth can be more than 8000 meters. High strength high quality titanium alloy is used to make pressure-resisting cylinder to resist super high water pressure and wave impact.By optimizing the design to avoid galvanic corrosion of other metals contacting with TI alloy, the compatibility and reliability of the whole structure can be improved comprehensively.The internal photoelectric unit of repeater adopts the space-grade high reliability device, equipped with the corresponding waterproof hydrogen-absorbing device, which improves the reliability of the system.Scientific and reasonable industrial design can bend large angle to meet the requirements of underwater laying construction.
The shore base equipment relies on the PFE Ultra High Voltage 1~15KV direct current power supply equipment through the conductor the sea cable, to the high water repeater the electricity, the current goes through the seawater forms the loop, uses the double terminal power supply way to guarantee the RPT Repeater not stop the work because of the power supply interruption.
The construction cost and maintenance cost of general cable communication system are both very high,, in order to ensure the normal distribution and use of submarine cables under complex sea conditions, to avoid the destruction of fishery and anchor, the submarine cable needs to meet the requirements of strong tensile, corrosion resistance and high reliability, and its manufacturing process and industry standards are extremely stringent. According to the working environment and laying conditions of the cable, the cable can be divided into light cable (LW), light protective cable (LWP), single-armored cable (SA), double armored Cable (DA) and rock Armor (RA). Usually light cable can be applied to the 5000~8000m of water depth;The light protective cable can be applied to the 3000~5000m of water depth and the shallow buried 700m underwater;single-armored cable can be applied to 2000m water depth and 1000m underwater burial;Double armored cable can be applied to 1000m water depth and 500m underwater burial;Rock armored cable can be applied to 500m water depth and 50m underwater burial.Fiberhome Ocean has from the deep sea to the shallow sea full range of marine cable product production capacity, in addition to the above several physical characteristics, but also has ultra-low light loss, high pressure resistance, ultra-low resistance, ultra strong insulation "Four Super" features, to ensure that the cable 25 years of service life.
In order to monitor the quality of construction and the daily maintenance of the cable, the marine independently developed the SLM submarine Line detection equipment fonst5000s, through the COHERENT-OTDR technology, can remotely detect the optical fiber state, the submarine amplifier as well as the system overall transmission state, And the detection of all the information unified reporting to the Bank based transmission integrated network management system, convenient operators easy to query the required information.The submarine line monitoring system has two working modes: on-line performance detection and off-line fault location, which can detect the performance of the repeater on-line, help the user understand the state of the whole system, and the off-line fault location mode can easily locate the detailed location of the fault point without needing to purchase the expensive OTDR equipment, The positioning information includes not only the span information, but also the exact distance from the CLS to the point of failure.

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