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Spain plans to allocate 700MHz bands for 5G Mobile services
Reported by GL Technology
C114 News Beijing Time December 1 (Aziz) according to foreign media reports, Spain has started to use 700MHz spectrum development 5G Mobile services to start consultations. The Ministry of Energy, Tourism and digital agenda plans to release the digital dividend spectrum, or the spectrum resource between the $number MHz-790 MHz band, by transferring digital terrestrial television services (DTT) to the $number MHz-694 MHz band.
The release of the 700MHz spectrum resources is a process that is being carried out throughout Europe, thus ensuring the unified use of the entire EU in this frequency band." 700MHz will also be the key to providing 5 G services, which have a strong coverage capability, especially in rural areas, thus ensuring network access and connectivity.
The department said in a statement. This sector will ensure that $number MHz-694 MHz bands can be used for DTT services at least until 2030.
The department unveiled plans to allow relevant parties this week, including public institutions, telecoms operators, industry associations and end-users, to comment on the issue before February 19. The comments received will help to develop plans for the allocation of 700MHz for mobile services and a timetable for this.

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