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Focusing on the optical fiber cable industry
GL Technology is expected to make a difference with full confidence.
At the beginning of November this year, the 2017 global fiber optic cable conference was successfully held in Wuhan. According to the CRU report, from 2017 to 2021, Africa and Latin America will lead the growth of optical fiber and cable market. The annual compound growth rate of China's optical fiber demand is 0.7%. In the global perspective, it is 2.8%. It is optimistic about the long-term development of optical fiber market. As one of the most important forces in the global market, the production of fiber optic cable in China is more than 50% of the global share.
In recent years, with the rapid development of Chinese optical communication market, optical communication and optical communication devices and materials production capacity expansion, the original supply situation has changed, continued investment expansion makes the supply of low-end products can meet the market demand, but high-end products of some species is still in short supply, such as high-end materials, PBT active optical devices, wavelength division multiplexing devices such as WDM chips still rely on imports. GL Technology is also following the pace of the market. The company has decided to increase investment in technology research and development, intensify the research and development of new products, try to catch up with the situation that the market is in short supply, and try to seize the opportunity to achieve self improvement.
In the future, with the continuous improvement of access network, expansion of backbone network and metropolitan area network, 4G, 5G technology business and large-scale construction of data centers and other factors, the optical fiber and cable market will continue to develop.
To see is to believe, We are making progress.

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