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Introduction to some RF connectors

There are many types of RF coaxial connectors: SMA, SMB, SMC, APC-7, K connectors, etc. No matter which connector you use, you must pay attention to the suitable frequency range before use.

1.SMA RF Connectoris the most widely used, with impedances of 50 and 75 ohms, of which 50 ohm SMA, flexible cable assemblies use less than 12.4 Ghz, and semi-rigid cable assemblies with frequencies up to 18 GHz. Another 3.5mm plug, similar to the SMA, but thicker than the SMA, compatible with SMA, cable assembly frequency up to 26.5GHz.

SMB RF Connector is smaller than the SMA. For quick connection and insertion of a self-locking structure, it is usually used for digital communication. It is an L9 replacement, 50 ohms to 4 GHz, 75 ohms to 2 GHz.

 3.MCX and MMCX RF Connectors are small and are typically used for dense connections.


MFBX connectors are especially developed for high-volume PCB-to-PCB applications. MFBX / eMFBX connectors are tailor-made solutions for medium axial and radial misalignments requirements at frequencies up to 6 GHz. MFBX connectors are based on machining technologies whereas eMFBX is based on stamp and bending.

Each Connector has military and commercial standards. Military standards are generally copper, PTFE insulation, gold plating inside and outside, the most reliable performance, of course, higher cost; commercial standard design uses cheap materials, such as brass castings, polypropylene insulation, silver coating, etc., the reliability is relatively poor .
The main body of the connector is mainly brass, beryllium copper and stainless steel, and the center conductor is usually gold plated to ensure low resistance and corrosion resistance. Military standards require gold plating on SMA and SMB; N-type, TNC and BNC are silver-plated, but most users prefer nickel plating because silver is more susceptible to oxidation.

The insulating material is PTFE, polypropylene and toughened polystyrene, of which PTFE has the best insulating properties.

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