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Two of the reasons the cables are blocked

This article we will talk about some of the common optical cable blocking reasons, needless to say, first to talk about the two reasons that often happen: construction dig broken, vehicle hang up.
1. Construction dig broken

Most sites in mining earthwork, after the rain gutters, municipal virescence, heating gas pipeline excavation is the main cause of dig broken, such as handle such construction dig broken fault, after the first time arrived at the scene, using OTDR to two-way cable test, fault point on both ends of nearly 1 km range on place, bar, pipe, inflection point should focus on screen, prevent other breakpoints and pull out.

It is the first time to arrive at the fault site to ensure the fault repair time is an important factor. And if the construction party backfill after the cable cut, the fault repair will cause great difficulties.

In the surrounding pipe well buried or pipeline damage, the first time to determine the site temporary route lay optical cable repair. If the site situation is complex and it is uncertain which scheme is used for emergency repair, multiple schemes can be implemented synchronously with sufficient manpower. Shovel, pick and other excavation tools are ready is one of the key factors restricting the time of repair. In order to avoid creating new fault points, large machinery should not be used on site as far as possible.

After the completion of fault treatment, it is necessary to set up a marker stone in the dug fault, and to protect the cable connector box, in order to prevent accidental damage.
2. vehicle hang up


If the fault point is cross-road, the emergency repair personnel should set up warning signs after arriving at the scene, designated person to direct traffic, protect the personal safety of emergency repair personnel in the process of emergency repair, prevent the second interruption of optical cable in the process of emergency repair.
Handle the cable hang up the fault, should be timely to the fault point of cable with OTDR to test both sides, the breakpoint at both ends of 4-5 rod, connector box and other joints to view, see whether there are fiber optic cable crease damage, and see if there are other damage points, and then targeted treatment.
Vehicles hang up the fault repair should be prepared pole, ladder, temporary cross-road cable support, after the completion of the emergency repair should be cross-road for elevation, replacement of high, add cross-road signs.

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