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Cautions for purchasing armored optical cables
     Recent days, many customers have consulted our company to purchase armored optical cables, but they do not know the type of armored optical cables. Even more, when purchasing, they should have purchased single armored optical cables, but purchased buried double-armored and double-sheath optical cables.

     1. Definition of armored optical cable:
     The so-called armored optical fiber (optical cable) is coated with a layer of protective "armor" on the outside of the optical fiber, mainly used to meet customer requirements such as anti-rat bite and anti-moisture.

      2. Functions of armored optical cable:
     Generally armored jumper wires have a layer of metal armor inside the skin, which protects the inner fiber core, has the function of resisting strong pressure and tension, and can prevent mice from biting and insects from eating.
     3. Classification of armored optical cables:

     Generally, it is divided into indoor armored fiber optic cable and outdoor armored fiber optic cable according to the use place. In this paper, outdoor armored fiber optic cable is explained. Outdoor armored fiber optic cable can be divided into light armored fiber optic cable and heavy armored fiber optic cable. Light armoring has steel belt (GYTS cable) and aluminum belt (GYTA cable) for strengthening and preventing rodent bite. Diarboning is a coil of steel wire wrapped on the outside. On the market, generally armored cable is cheaper than non-armored cable, usually steel tape, aluminum tape is much cheaper than aramid (aramid mainly used for special occasions). Another kind is dual metal clad, namely customer often mistaken, this kind of cable outer sheath and the inner sheath, the price more expensive than single armored, because in the production process and cost is big, and it is belong to the buried cable, so at the time of purchase, be sure to find out the use of fiber optic cable, although GYTA cable and GYTS cable can also be buried, but due to a single armored, therefore must casing when buried, also need to accounting cost.

     4. Application of armored optical cable:
     Armored optical fiber has important applications in long-distance telecommunication optical fiber lines and transmission of primary and secondary main lines. But the armored optical fiber that the general network tube usually contacts is mostly used for connecting the two optical fiber network equipment inside the machine room building. Such armored optical fibers are relatively short in length. It is usually called armored jumper.

If it is outdoor overhead fiber optic cable, in order to avoid bad environment, human or animal damage (for example, it often breaks the optical fiber when someone shoots birds with a bird gun), and to protect the fiber core, armored fiber optic cable is generally used. We recommend the light armoring with steel armoring, which is cheaper and more durable. With light armoring, the price is cheap and durable. General outdoor overhead cable has two kinds: one is the center beam tube type; The other type is layer - stranding. In order to be durable, one layer of sheath is used for overhead and two layers for direct burial.

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