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How to effectively improve the stability of OPGW cable
Optical fiber is a major revolution in the history of communication by utilizing the difference in refractive index between the core and the cladding materials to allow light energy to travel in the optical fiber. The optical fiber cable is light in weight and small in size, and has been adopted by the power system to transmit scheduling telephone, telecontrol signal, relay protection, television image and other information between the substation and the central dispatching station. In order to improve the stability and reliability of fiber optic cables, foreign countries have developed a structure in which the phase conductors of the optical cable and the transmission line, the overhead ground wire, and the power cable are integrated.
The construction of OPGW is different from ordinary steel strands. Care should be taken to prevent permanent damage to avoid the impact of fiber performance in the future. It should be considered: OPGW torsion, microbending, local radial pressure outside the clamp and contamination of the fiber. . Therefore, the following effective measures should be taken during the construction phase to solve:
 OPGW Cable
(1) Prevent OPGW from twisting
Install a counterweight and anti-torsion device on the running plate and the tightening clamp;
Use special double groove pulleys;
Tension anti-wire machine with double winch;
(2) Prevent and reduce the microbend and stress of OPGW
No acute angles are allowed (control the minimum bending radius of 500mm);
The diameter of the OPGW cable disc should be no less than 1500mm;
The diameter of the pulley should be more than 25 times the diameter of the OPGW, generally not less than 500mm; the inside of the pulley should have a nylon or rubber gasket to prevent scratching the surface of the OPGW;
Suitable traction line and payout fittings;
Specify the maximum disk length of the OPGW to be 6000M to prevent the number of pulleys from passing;
The line angle of the continuous discharge line is limited to ≤30°. In the tensile section of a discharge line, the OPGW after the corner should be in a "C" shape;
(3) Control of the take-up tension:
Hydraulic tensioning machine with traction device and traction machine;
Limit the speed of the line to be ≤ 0.5 m / s;
(4) Prevent fiber contamination
At the OPGW construction and erection, attention should be paid to the end of the package;
In addition, before the OPGW arrives at the site, before the erection, after the erection is completed for the fiber connection and the construction of the whole line is completed, the optical fiber attenuation acceptance test of the OPGW should be carried out in time.

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