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OPGW and ADSS cable interface construction process
The cable installation process is divided into three stages,
1.  the preparation stage, the construction stage, the acceptance stage.
2. The construction stage includes optical cable laying and installation, optical fiber connection, whole-process testing, and sign making;
3. The acceptance stage includes acceptance of cable installation quality, acceptance of fiber optic transmission characteristics, etc.;
Installation of optical cable fittings shall meet the following requirements:
1. After each stretch of cable is finished, should be timely for the installation of the cable (within 48 hours), before the installation of the cable should be connected to the ground, the installation method according to the manufacturer's instructions
2. The hinge on the tower. In the winding process, advance the hinge end of wave range of power line to meet the safety distance and comply with the design requirements
3. in the lining of the winding pre hinge, should not damage the cable surface, shall be determined according to the preliminary logo on the hinge installation position
4. Every tension resistance to gold at the ends of the segments after installed, installed in the middle of the hanging hardware, pack good anti-vibration device hardware after the installation
5. The prestranded wire winding gap should be even, the stranded end should be consistent with the cable, the prestranded wire should not be damaged, should not cross the overhang wire clamp string should be vertical ground, the deviation Angle along the line direction should not be greater than
5, and the deviation grip should not exceed 100mm.

6. The direction of the hammer head and the tightening torque of the bolt should meet the design requirements

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