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Will 5G replace optical cable communications in the future?

These two are not substitutes, or in other words, the construction of 5G still needs a lot of fiber resources to support, perhaps you have confused the concept.

5 g technological change will be comprehensive, including the core network NFV architecture concept, bearing network SDN architecture concept, wireless network Cloud - RAN architecture concept, edge calculation, massive MIMO antenna, end-to-end slicing and so on technical evolution trend, no matter how the skies, behind it all need their fiber to carry the signal transmission function, without the optical fiber network is like a body without the nervous system, is a waste of paralysis.

There is a word called "wireless bandwidth is limited, wired bandwidth is unlimited", although a bit exaggerated, but the optical fiber can carry the bandwidth capacity calculated by the unit of TB, dumped the wireless signal transmission of tens of thousands of streets, why?The main reason is the wireless signals will exist great decline, the high frequency electromagnetic wave, the penetrating the worse, this leads to poor reliability of wireless transmission, and the interference of the fiber is very small, and stability, in a foreseeable time, optical fiber communication is irreplaceable (quantum communication is only used for information encryption, temporarily not seen can be used for ordinary communication experiment report).

May question the main mean, domestic optical fiber to the home is not can use wireless broadband to the household WTTx instead of FTTH, actually WTTx last mile access to some places difficult problems, including a handful of base station opened using microwave instead of optical fiber communication is also in the same way, just a kind of supplement, operators of transmission network convergence layer above between nodes, the load bearing part of broadband access to the operator room and access to the Internet server of the equipment, all is to use of optical fiber, China's large-scale optical cable network waste is waste into how to say?Using a completely unreliable wireless connection?

Summary: because of the fiber, it is possible to use 5G, logic to make clear.

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