4 Hole Female SMA Coaxical Connector
SMA coaxial connector has the advantages of small size, wide frequency band, superior mechanical performance, high reliability, suitable for wireless network, program control, microwave equipment and digital communication system connection RF cable or micro strip line.

SMA Coaxial connector performance
Range of temperature -55~+155°C(PE Cable -40~+85°C)
Characteristic Impedance 50Ω
Range of   frequency 0~18GHz
work of voltage 335V(50Ω)r.m.s
contact resistance 1000V(50Ω)r.m.s
Retention of inner conductor Inner conductor ≤3mΩ
Outer conductor ≤2.5mΩ
Insulation resistance ≥5000mΩ
Retention of inner conductor ≥0.28N
Insert loss 0.15dB/6GHz
Coupling force ≤20N
Pull-off strength ≥8N
Voltage standing wave ratio straight ≤1.10+0.02f     ≤1.07+0.018f
bending ≤1.20+0.03f     ≤1.17+0.02f
Durability ≥500times

Parts Material Surface treatment
Body Beryllium copper - gold  Beryllium copper - gold plated
Pin Brass or beryllium copper - gold plated Brass or beryllium copper - gold plated
Body Brass or beryllium copper - gold plated Brass or beryllium copper - gold plated
Outer conductor Male Ternary alloy - phosphorus bronze Silver plate-phosphorous bronze
Female Beryllium copper - phosphorus bronze Silver plate -phosphorous bronze
crimping suite Copper or brass - gold  plated  Copper - ternary alloy plating
insulator (PTFE) or(PFA)  
o type sealing silicone rubber  
Note: the above sma connector is for general reference. In practice, due to different application environment and user requirements, the above indicators are also different


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