MCX(M)-MCX(M) RG316 Cable
MMCX cable assembly adopts special structure design and advanced production technology, so that the cable has excellent electrical and mechanical performance indicators in the full frequency range, and has a high cost performance.In terms of electrical performance, the signal transmission rate is up to 70%, and it also has the characteristics of low loss, low standing wave and high shielding efficiency.Generally used for cabling space has restrictions and requirements, suitable for small batch flat cable production or used for cabling or cabling equipment in small space.Tinkerer can provide solutions according to your drawing requirements of RG braided cable assembly.


RG316 Construction performance
Item Material Diameter (MM)
Inner conductor Silver-coated copper-clad steel wire 7*0.46
Insulator PTFE 1.52
Outer conductor Single layer copper wire braided with silver plating Nom.1.95
Outer sheath FEP 2.50

Electrical performance
Capacitance (pF/m) 96.45
Impedance (ohm) 50
Velocity (%) 70
Max operation voltage (Vrms) 1.2
Max operation frequency (MHz) 3.0

Frequency (MHz) Attenuation (dB/m)
100 0.262
200 0.531
1000 0.856
3000 1.532

Mechanical and environmental performance
Operation temperature(℃) -55   +200
Bending radius(mm) 13
ROHS Comply

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