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Non-metal single Mode G652D fiber optical cable with 2FRP
1. Fiber  single mode
2. Gel filling
3. PBT loose tube
4., two FRP strength member  
5,PE outer jacket

Technical Characteristics
1)The unique extruding technology provides the fibers in the tube with good flexibility and bending endurance
2)The unique fiber excess length control method provides the cable with excellent mechanical and environmental properties Multiple water blocking material filling provides dual water blocking function 

This listed specification covers the design requirements and performance standard for the supply of optical fiber cable in the industry. It also includes GL premium designed cable with optical,mechanical and geometrical characteristics

Cable Type Application
GL duct /aerial cable aerial  /Duct  installation

1.2 Cable Description
 cable possesses high tensile strength and flexibility in compact cable sizes. At the same time, it provides excellent optical transmission and physical performance.
1.3 Quality
GL ensures a continuing level of quality in our cable products through several quality control programs including ISO 9001.
1.4 Reliability
Both initial and periodic qualification testing are performed to assure the cable's performance and durability in the field environments. 

2.Cable structure

3. Cable Type:   G652D

Fiber count 4
Fiber type single Mode G652D
Max. No of loose tube 1
Fiber No. per tube 4
Loose tube diameter 2.0mm
Outer sheath thickness 1.5-1.8mm
Strength member 1.0FRP
Outer sheath Anti UV PE
Cable OD mm 6.0
Cable weight kg/km 50
Operation temperature range -40 d℃ to + 70 ℃
Installation temperature range -40  ℃ to + 70 ℃
Transport and storage temperature range -40 ℃ to + 70 ℃
Allowable Tensile Load(N) Short term:1500  Long term:600
 Crush resistance 1000 N/10cm    2200N/10CM
Minimal installation bending radius 20 x OD
Minimal operation bending radius 10 x OD

4.Packing And Drum
T cables are packed in carton, coiled on Bakelite & wooden drum. During transportation, right tools should be used to avoid damaging the package and to handle with ease. Cables should be protected from moisture; kept away from high temperature and fire sparks; protected from over bending and crushing; protected from mechanical stress and damage. 

Our Service:
1. Only Producing Grade A Quality Fiber Optic Cable
2. Shipping After Payment, Door to Door Service, 7 Days Delivery Time
3. GL Technology Is Manufacturer Over 15 Years, Which Having Professional Sales Team, R&D Department And Technology Department.
We Are Specialized In All Kinds Of Fiber Optic Cable And  Related Hardware, Such As ADSS, OPGW, FTTH And So On. The Company
Has Achieved Quality Certificate ISO9001.

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