GYXTW Cable Overview
GYXTW-8B1 8 core Uni-tube Light-armored Fiber Optical Cable
Temperature Rage  
Operating :-40℃ to +70℃   Storage :-40℃ to +70℃

1. Excellent mechanical and temperature performance guaranteed by the accurate excess fiber length.
2. Critical protection to fibers, based on the excellent hydrolysis resistance
3. Excellent crush resistance and flexibility.
4. PSP enhances the cable crush-resistance, impact-resistance and moisture-proof.
5. Two parallel steel wires ensure tensile strength.
6. Excellent ultraviolet prevention with PE sheath,small diameter, light weight and installation friendliness

Comply with standard YD/T 769-2010
Technical Parameters

Cable Type (increased by 2fibers) Fiber Count Cable Diameter (mm) Cable Weight (kg/km) Tensile Strength
 Long/Short Term
( N)
Crush Resistance
Long/Short Term (N/100mm)
Bending Radius Static/
GYXTW 2 ~12 2 ~ 12 8.2 78 600/1500 300/1000 10D/20D

By steel drum, length can be decided by you.
light-armored fiber optic cable

Our Service:
1. Only Producing Grade A Quality Fiber Optic Cable
2. Shipping After Payment, Door to Door Service, 7 Days Delivery Time
3. GL Technology Is Manufacturer Over 15 Years, Which Having Professional Sales Team, R&D Department And Technology Department.
We Are Specialized In All Kinds Of Fiber Optic Cable And  Related Hardware, Such As ADSS, OPGW, FTTH And So On. The Company
Has Achieved Quality Certificate ISO9001.

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light-armored fiber optic cable

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