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OPGW installation instructions erection
1.The scope
Contained in this document and the methods and procedures described in the OPGW is to set up and installation,
operation and maintenance personnel to provide you a guide. Due to the discharge line of different projects,
installation, set up practical arrangements, heavily influenced by the size and characteristics of each project, this
document is not possible to provide a variety of possible scenarios detailed installation steps to set up. Methods are
provided in the guide is the most common method of stringing. Not included in this document for the application, our
staff will fully assist, to provide information and technical support.
In addition to connectivity and fiber OPGW splicing, OPGW installation method and general overhead ground wire
installation method is basically similar, but the installation should be set up to ensure no fiber can cause additional
damage or degrade the performance of bending, twisting or excessive tension Erection is to install the basic principles
to be observed.

Equipment: The main requirement is erected OPGW installation must meet the minimum bend radius (diameter), allowing
traction tension and anti-twist measures required to put the line. Special place in the OPGW cable line equipment used
in the project, will vary with the terrain irregularities, routing out the possibility of system configuration and the size of the
project to another. Although the OPGW fittings and accessories and general ground fittings and accessories are not
identical, but the erection of construction equipment for installation in general is the same.

Fitting: We recommend installing OPGW do not use common ground fittings, while the use of specially designed
specifically for OPGW fittings and accessories such as Clamp, suspension clamp, damper and connection boxes, in
order to ensure the installation When OPGW will not lead to the risk of damaging the fragile fiber. Special size and/or
type of OPGW should specially designed fittings and accessories, and usually not designed to meet a range of sizes
of OPGW.
3.OPGW common installer
Tension method is the most commonly used method OPGW erection.
This approach allows OPGW by tractor Unfolding from the stationary winch, through the tension device, make OPGW
subject to certain tension in the whole pay-off process, to ensure that the obstacles and other conductors have sufficient
clearance, and ensure that no other object friction. Tension pulley or traction sheave law may be put on the line through
the temporary discharge line located on a tower or a member by winch end plate located exhibition tensioners apply a
constant tension in the OPGW.

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