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How to reduce the chance of accidental injury while install

1, Use protective leather gloves and, if necessary, linemans rubber gloves. Use the leather gloves when climbing
          or descending a pole, and when working with sharp instruments or materials. Wear rubber gloves when working
          near exposed electrical circuits.

2. Use a safety harness on all bucket trucks and aerial lifts. A body belt and safety strap for the bucket or platform
          must be used when the equipment is in operation to minimize the chance 
of injury.

3. Before climbing a pole, inspect it for significant deterioration and safety hazards splintering, insect nests, sharp
          protrusions, etc.).

4. Position all motorized equipment so that exhausts are directed away from the location where most work will be

5. Personnel normally should not remain in an area where a cable is being pulled around a piece of hardware under
          tension. The installer can remain in such an area (for example, to observe the alignment of a cable around corner
          block), if he or she stays clear of the hardware under tension and has a clear path to safety.

6. Always lower cable blocks and other equipment from strand level with a handline.

7. Keep hands free of tools or materials when climbing or descending a pole or ladder. Do not step on cables, cable
          enclosures, or suspended equipment which might provide unsafe footholds.

8. read the entire procedure before starting a Solo® cable installation. Thoroughly understand the procedure, its
          precautions, and the tools and equipment required before starting work.

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