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Sample in our business
Products play a role of making a profit in each order, so salesmen have a duty to protect their products. Otherwise,
how to make profit without products? Many new colleagues may ask for lots of samples to push for more orders, but
have they considered that whether these customers are worth samples? 

Sample fee is required:  
Some manufacturers require sample fees and express fees which are easier to be followed by salesmen. Due to high
cost of these fees, if customers still require samples, they must have strong procurement intention. Once you send
good quality samples, you probably can get an order. 
For this kind of customer, each detailed must be clear since you negotiate about samples, and you should follow up with
them so as to timely push an order. 

Free sample: 
Some companies can offer free samples. To support us, boss usually allows salesmen to send free samples to 
customers.For these customers, make sure that we have quoted to customers before sending samples. But certainly,
this is not all conditions for free samples, the following aspects will be considered: 

1This customer runs the products we do. Think if he can accept our price compared with the price in local market.
If the difference between their procurement price and our price is wide, like 2-3 USD, you’d better not send samples
since their current customers group can just accept lower price, how can he accept your much higher price? 

2If customers require many models, such as 5 to 6 models, we must be more cautious. Before we know their intention
clearly, we’d better explain that one sample is enough for them to test our quality; of course, there must be some big
companies which have more test standards. To get result more quickly, if they need many samples to do test
simultaneously, you can apply to your company. 

3If customers provide domestic address, you should get to know that if they want to mix your samples with goods from
other suppliers or this is their China office, and make it clear that they are trader or peers. In the first case, mixing your
samples with goods from other suppliers, you should inquire the specific category, if they are the same category, using
express is suggested. 

If the address is customer's office in China, samples can be arranged as soon as possible, and promptly inform the
customer's that sample has been sent to their offices in China, pushing the sample test; if they are traders, it is always
the same method: ask the exact purpose, such as test or else; if you find that they are peers. 

Now you know basic conditions to send samples to customers: have been quoted+ accept our price+ focus on quality+
are willing to provide express account / China Office / or deliver with cargos. Once they meet these conditions, we will
send samples to them. 

Although sending more samples increases the rate of order, cherishing our samples is necessary because only products
can bring profit for us. 

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