Solutions Overview
General requirements for indoor optical cable
People in order to facilitate the construction, laying the cable in the room will be the use of indoor optical cable, indoor
and outdoor optical cable is relatively soft cable, cable.

Although the construction is convenient, but the indoor optical cable has the general requirements. Early as
equipment jumper and indoor comprehensive wiring using indoor fiber optical cable is often used tight casing optical
fiber as the basic unit, placed in the center position, aramid fiber uniformly distributed in the ambient and bale breaking
one or more layers of sheath material for forming protection.

The tight fiber layer mainly plays a buffer role, relief force of fiber lateral bending fold or impact force, the tight sleeve
layer usually adopts PVC and LSZH; aramid is main tensile elements, firstly bear and offset cable by the longitudinal
tensile force; outer sheath often use PVC and LSZH material, can effectively reduce or prevent the optical fiber force,
the main role is slow change of environmental temperature on optical fiber effect, taking into account the indoor
installation of cabling requirements, usually outer sheath has flame retardancy, and meet the requirements of the
relevant environmental protection

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