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How to better address the fiber splice loss

When the fiber optic cable splice loss is inevitable there will be, but sometimes for some reason, the cable splice loss
and thus have a greater adverse impact on the cable communication. So how to better address the splice loss it?

As far as possible engineering design, construction and maintenance work should be used in a consistent
characteristic of high-quality fiber-optic lines of the same batch of high-quality brand bare fiber, in order to try to match
the characteristics of the fiber, so that the impact mode field diameter of the fiber splice loss minimized.

Try to make the entire disk configuration (single disc ≥500-800 m) optical cable construction should be strictly in
accordance with the procedures and requirements for the selection of experienced construction personnel with cable
tray to minimize the number of joints. When laying cable in strict accordance with the end plate number and other order
placement, the losses to a minimum value.

The selection of experienced and well-trained personnel continue to test the level of splicing and connecting people
directly affects the size of the splice loss, the splice should be strictly in accordance with the optical fiber fusion splicing
process, strict control of the splice loss, welding process using a light moment domain reflectometer (OTDR) to monitor
(splice loss ≤0.08dB / a), does not meet the requirements should be re-sealed.

When using the optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR), the loss should be measured in two directions joints, and
find the average of these two results, one - way OTDR measurements eliminate the human factor error.

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