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How fiber jumpers safety testing?
Fiber jumpers are used to do from device to optical fiber jumper cables cabling link and is commonly used between
the Optical and the terminal box. Safe and smooth communications network requirements of all devices, as long as
the middle point of equipment failure will cause an interrupt signal. Before using the detector to be very careful with
return loss tester inserted through first with a light pen detect whether the jumper did not break through the optical
fiber is determined, the measured indicators, general telecom indicators: the insertion loss is less than 0.3dB Return
loss greater than 45dB Fiber jumper detection is connected to the system in order to ensure the quality, reduce the
failure factors, and to identify the point of failure in the event of a failure of the optical fiber. The main detection
methods are simple manual testing and test precision instruments.

Artificial simple test of this method is to enter the visible light from one end of the optical fiber jumpers, Behold a light
emitting from the other end to achieve. This is simple but not quantitative measurements. Precision instruments to
measure: the required tools or power meter optical time domain reflectometer tracers, can be measured attenuation
and the attenuation of the optical fiber connector jumper, or even measure the breakpoint fiber jumpers. This
measurement can be quantitatively analyze the cause of the failure. Test fiber jumpers will appear when numerically
unstable now, if only to test fiber jumpers, it is that the joint is not good enough; the case of the optical fiber jumper
to link test, then it may be welded on the issue.
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