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How to protect the optical fiber during the manufacturing ?
1 tensile strength
The tensile strength of the optical cable must be considered when the cable is laid by means of traction. When the
cable is lifted, in the vertical pipe, between the two poles in the cable or laying in the bottom of the sea, the tensile
strength of the reinforcement must be able to support the weight of the cable itself. 

2 resistance to extrusion
Sometimes the cable may suffer from a large impact on the side, which can crush the fiber. Some optical cable also
must be able to withstand large transport of the rolling.

3 over bending protection
Sharp bends will bring two problems, one is bent at the radiation loss will be generated, two is the fiber may be damaged.
Good optical cable to have enough strength, to prevent excessive bending.

4 damage protection
Glass fiber in the case of damage to the performance will be a sharp deterioration. The slight crack caused by the
damage extends along the glass and increases the loss significantly.

5 vibration isolation
Vibration can cause the increase of fiber loss. In the design of cable, can limit the excessive movement of fiber plus pad.

6 moisture and chemical resistance
If the glass fiber is exposed to moisture and chemicals for a long time, the performance will be degraded. The
appropriate optical cable structure can protect the optical fiber, so that it does not contact with these substances.

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