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About ADSS optical cable
As the development and popularization of the network, the quality of ADSS fiber cable has been gradually improved in recent years, and the application scope is more extensive. This article will mainly introduce the common problems in the use of ADSS optical cable and the prevention methods.

ADSS optical cable, all known as the All Dielectric self-supporting  optical cable, has the following features:
1. Non -metal structure, lightning protection against ADSS optical cable
2, light weight, small cable diameter, small load to the tower
3. The use of polyethylene sheath has good corrosion resistance
4. The span is large and the maximum can reach 1200 meters.
5, hanging on the inside of the cable, it can be erected by constant electricity
6, imported aramid, good tensile properties and temperature performance, bad weather is also applicable
7, long life, and service life for up to 30 years
Common problems and prevention methods of ADSS cable:
High loss point and broken fiber:
In the process of optical fiber cable laying, the speed of the cable jumper is not uniform, the force is unstable, and the cable ring will cause high loss and broken fiber. Because the optical cable center FRP is a non-metallic material, if it breaks, it will be misplaced. The broken FRP will break the optical fiber loose pipe, and even damage the optical fiber itself, resulting in high loss point or even breaking fiber. Therefore, in the process of construction, we should control the strength and lay down at a constant speed.

Appearance damage:
Optical fiber wiring often passes through mountainous area or uneven road area. Laying in this area, fiber optic cable is easily subject to friction between trees or stones, causing bending or abrasion. With the influence of the dust and the salt environment, the optical fiber cable is easily corroded, which affects the transmission effect and the service life of the fiber. Therefore, the preparation work must be done before the traction, and the best laying route is made; in the construction, there must be the special personnel to carry out the guardianship.

Tensioning end breaking failure:
In the laying of optical fiber cable, the breakage of the tensile end also occurs frequently. This is often due to the following two reasons: first, extensively in the process of improper operation, two, tight line traction end angle is too small, or with short time tower small bending radius of cable stress, local stress.  Therefore, in the construction of optical fiber cable, we should pay attention to the direction of traction consistent with the direction of optical fiber cable, let the cable line force.

Except the above problems, a number of spare optical cables, spare fittings and related accessories should be equipped for cable repair. In addition, the corresponding instruments and instruments such as OTDR, welding machine, cutting tool and other tools should be configured to maintain the ADSS optical cable.

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