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Fiber optic cable laying solution
Optical cable is divided into 4 cores, 6 cores, 8 cores and 12 cores according to the number of cores. According to the laying method, it can be divided into two types: overhead and directly buried, and it can be divided into multimode and single mode. The enterprise local area network usually lay through gutter, heating pipe ditch or directly buried in the area. Single mode fiber is laid overhead for the big distance.
For fiber optic cable laying, the signal attenuation is an important which caused by two reasons: internal and external. internal reason is related to fiber materials and external reason is related to laying and installation method.
How to make a better laying solution?
 1. Firstly, to do the end - connection and optical fiber maintenance by highly trained technicians and operate according to the optical fiber construction specification.
 2. It is necessary to have a very complete design and laying drawings, so that the laying and future inspection are convenient. The laying must always be careful to avoid cable damage by heavy or sharp objects. in addition, the traction force should not exceed the maximum tension of laying.
 3. When bending the fiber, the fiber bending radius should be more than 20 times the fiber core diameter. The protection plastic tubes must be used when across the wall or building floor and the tubes must be filled with flame-retardant compound. A certain amount of plastic tubes should also be laid in advance in the building.
 4. When the optical fiber is applied to the backbone network, at least 6 core optical cables are used in each floor, and it's better to use 12 core cable for advanced application taking application, backup and expansion into consideration.
 5.The most important thing for long distance cable laying is to choose a suitable path. The shortest path may not be the best, but pay attention to the land Use Right, the possibility of aerial laying or direct bury.

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