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Laying solution for submarine optical fiber cable
The laying of submarine optical cable is recognized as one of the most complex and difficult large-scale projects in the world. That's why the life expectancy of submarine optical cable must be more than 25 years. Below is a specific introduction to the laying process of submarine optical fiber cable.
The submarine cable laying process can be divided into two parts, namely the shallow water area laying and deep sea area laying. In deep ocean area, it also includes exploration&cleaning, cable laying and jetting protection these three steps. Laying of submarine cables is mainly made by the cable laying ship and underwater robot, the cable laying vessel should pay much attention to the sailing speed, cable release speed to control the cable entry angle and cable laying cable tension and avoid fiber damage caused by small bending radius or big tension.
How to lay submarine cable?
In the shallow water area, the laying ship stays in a few kilometers away from the coast and the cables on the floating pack should be tract to shore by traction machine, then remove the floating bag and let the cable sink to the seabed. In the deep sea area, the laying ship discharge cables then doing the detection and adjustmeny by underwater detector and remote underwater vehicle to avoid the uneven seabed, rocky places. Then the underwater robot starts work in three steps: the first step is making a 2M deep groove by high pressure flush, secondly put the cable into the trench, thirdly cover the cables with sands aside.
The most advanced submarine laying ship can load 2000 kilometers cable (and highest laying speed can reach 200 km / day).

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