Solutions Overview
Intelligent Hotel FTTH solution
Hotel present situation:
Nowadays many hotels are faced with the problem of copper wire network, messy cable, high cost, short transmission distance, which increases investment in equipments. One room needs at least 6 lines, cable cost above 300USD per room. Now hotel network expansion and upgrade is difficult,  the construction period is long, the maintain cost and labor cost is increasing year by year. In order to solve the above problems, GL make a good solution called intelligent Hotel which we applied successfully on one of our Peruvian customer.
What’s “intelligent hotel”?
Intelligent Hotel is a hotel with a complete set of intelligent system to realize the hotel digital information service technology via digitalization and networking. It can bring more intelligent experience, meet the customer's personalized requirements and help the hotel to achieve the goal of cost-saving and service improving.
The features of Intelligent Hotel FTTH solution
1. High performance: adopt all-optical access design-using one optical fiber integrates multiple subsystems to realize one cable for one room, one cable for multiple function. This design shorten the construction period, save a large number of network cables, large logarithmic cable lines, save cost, and also save time. The whole network structure is simplified. It consists of three parts: computer room equipment, intermediate optical cable line (uncharged, one point to multipoint, optical fiber cable saving) and terminal subsystem (fiber to room).
 2. High stability: Use high quality GPON access device, perfectly running for more than 10 years. No need converging switch, floor switch and corridor switch.
 3. Personalization: Adopt PTV video interactive TV system which is customized for the hotel, highlight the hotel brand and improve the guest experience. The customized Hotel interface can improve the hotel level. The concise operation interface makes it easier to find the channel which we want to watch. It leaves space for advertisements and advertising and bring profits. According to the requirements of the hotel, we can also customize more personalized functions to meet the needs of different guests.

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